Can I train a symbol as special character with ocr?

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Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques 2021년 1월 27일
답변: Shashank Gupta 2021년 2월 3일
Hi there,
I'm trying to recognize a dial symbol as a special character so I can locate it when I use the ocr function.
However, is not recognizing that symbol at all.
This is my image after training the model. I wanted to locate the green symbol.
Is there another way to do this?
Do you have any suggestion @Image Analyst?


Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta 2021년 2월 3일
Hi Pedro,
I think you need to train an ocr to compensate for the symbol. you can refer to ocrTrain App in MATLAB. you manually have to collect enough data and train a classifier. After training you can export the file and use it in typical ocr workflow.
I hope this helps.


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