Splitting data array into sub arrays

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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 2021년 1월 19일
댓글: Francis Chabot 2021년 2월 4일
Hi, I want to split the data of an array by the first 2 numbers of each data. This is to split firms by the first 2 digit of their SIC codes.
Example: 3301 would be in the sub array 33 which would represent a sector.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 2021년 1월 20일
Thanks for the help.
The format are four digits numbers that needs to be classified by the first two numbers.
Example : 3301, 4502, 3306, 4602, 4510...
Both numbers that starts with 33 and 45 would be classified into the same sub array so I would then be able to easily compute the median of each sub array.
Speaking of scale there's about 100 sub array possible on about 20 000 firms.

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dpb 2021년 1월 20일
>> SIC=[3301, 4502, 3306, 4602, 4510].';
>> splitapply(@median,SIC,findgroups(fix(SIC/100)))
ans =
NB: The use of mod above was in error, dunno how I came up with that, but as long as they're all four-digit codes, the above should be about as easy as it gets.
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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 2021년 2월 4일
I forgot change the 'SIC' to 'Industry' but finally figured it out.
Best regards,

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