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How to clump/consolidate values together using the mean function

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William Gray
William Gray 2021년 1월 15일
댓글: Alan Stevens 2021년 1월 18일
Hi everyone,
So to explain the title a little more, say I have a 8x8 matrix all of different values, how would I make another 8x8 matrix but just with 4 values in each quadrant?
I have written the following code in an attempt to do this
cw = 4; %cell width
a = [1:8];
lp = [1 5]; %length position
mat=ones(8,8); %temporary matrix
for i = 1:numel(lp)
for j = 1:numel(lp)
it partially achieves the desired outcome, calcualting the upper left quadrant as 6.25 and the lower right value as 42.25 but you can see the other quadrants remain as the pre-defined 1.
I'm sure there is an easier way to do this, I probably just don't know the name for what I'm trying to do, but any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you all


Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens 2021년 1월 15일
편집: Alan Stevens 2021년 1월 15일
Here's one way
cw = 4; %cell width
a = 1:8;
b = (1:8)';
c = a.*b;
mat=ones(8,8); %temporary matrix
avfn = @(m) mean(m,'ALL');
p = 1:cw; q = cw+1:2*cw;
mat(p,p) = avfn(c(p,p));
mat(p,q) = avfn(c(p,q));
mat(q,p) = avfn(c(q,p));
mat(q,q) = avfn(c(q,q));
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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens 2021년 1월 18일
I think the following does it, though you should check it carefully:
n = 16; % n x n matrix
cw = 4; %cell width
a = 1:n;
b = (1:n)';
c = a.*b;
nc = n/cw; % nc x nc cells (Assumes nc is integer)
mat=ones(n); %temporary matrix
avfn = @(m) mean(m,'ALL');
s = 1;
for i = 1:nc
f = s-1+cw;
p(i,:) = s:f;
s = f+1;
for i = 1:nc
for j = 1:nc
mat(p(i,:),p(j,:)) = avfn(c(p(i,:),p(j,:)));

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