You must pass X as a floating-point matrix.

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Warid Islam
Warid Islam 2021년 1월 6일
댓글: Warid Islam 2021년 1월 8일
I am building a GUI to classify breast images. I am using SVM as the classifier technique. However, I am getting an error message. Please find my code an the error message below. Any help would be appreciated.
Labels = table2array(File);
SVMmodel= fitcsvm(Training, class, 'KernelFunction', 'Linear', 'Standardize', true, 'ClassNames', {'1', '2'});
result = predict(SVMmodel, TestSet);
The error message is displayed below:
Error using classreg.learning.impl.CompactSVMImpl/score (line 45)
You must pass X as a floating-point matrix.
Error in classreg.learning.classif.CompactClassificationSVM/score (line 591)
f = score(this.Impl,X,true,varargin{:});
Error in classreg.learning.classif.ClassificationModel/predict (line 411)
scores = score(this,X,varargin{:});
Error in classreg.learning.classif.CompactClassificationSVM/predict (line 433)
Error in new>pushbutton4_Callback (line 143)
result = predict(SVMmodel, TestSet);
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)
Error in new (line 42)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Error in>@(hObject,eventdata)new('pushbutton4_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.
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Athrey Ranjith Krishnanunni
Athrey Ranjith Krishnanunni 2021년 1월 6일
From the documentation for predict, it says that the syntax is
where X is the predictor data, and should be a numeric array.
In your case, X is TestSet, so try running
in the command line to see what comes up under the Size and Class headings.

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Ive J
Ive J 2021년 1월 6일
Your TestSet must have the same structure as your Training set. You can try this
result = predict(SVMmodel, Labels(:, 1:9));
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Warid Islam
Warid Islam 2021년 1월 8일
Hi Walter,
Your suggestions worked big time. Thank you.
Best Regards
Warid Islam

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