Boxcar wont recognize a double

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Braden Kerr
Braden Kerr 2020년 12월 17일
댓글: Braden Kerr 2020년 12월 18일
I am working on an assignment and we were provided with some sample code to use for part of a problem. When I input the code, I get the following error
Undefined function 'boxcar' for input arguments of type 'double'.
for this bit of code
Fs=1/dt; % sampling frequency (need to define T)
nfft = 1024; % number of points to use
noverlap = nfft/2; % number of points to overlap
window = boxcar(nfft); % don’t smooth ends
leny = length(time2); % length of time history
v = x2(leny-nfft+1:leny,2); % use last samples of vel(steady state)
[Pxx,F] = pwelch(v,window,noverlap,[],Fs); % compute PSD
I have read the description for pwelch and somewhat understand how its being used, but Im not quite sure why boxcar is returning an error.
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Braden Kerr
Braden Kerr 2020년 12월 18일
This was it, I guess when I updated to 2020b I lost a lot of the apps I thought I had. Thank you

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