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How can i generate Nakagami fading channel ?

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Salah Abdou
Salah Abdou 2020년 12월 13일
답변: Angga Dwiki Wicaksono 2021년 7월 27일
I am doing some wireless communications simulations using Matlab. There are two famous channel models Rayleigh fading and Nakagami fading. I can easily generate Rayleigh fading h=(randn(1,1)+1i*randn(1,1))/sqrt(2).i want to genrate Nakagami fading. If anyone has experience please share the code with me. Thanks


Angga Dwiki Wicaksono
Angga Dwiki Wicaksono 2021년 7월 27일
% The channel coefficient with PDF Nakagami-m distributed random variable
pd1 = makedist('nakagami',m_h,o);
h1 = (random(pd1,N,Nt) + j*random(pd1,N,Nt)).*sqrt(0.5); % Tx-IRS % There is no pathloss
h2 = (random(pd1,Nr,N) + j*random(pd1,Nr,N)).*sqrt(0.5); % IRS-Rx % There is no pathloss
%The SI channel between the transmit and receive antennas of Use
pd2 = makedist('nakagami',m_I,oI);
hI = (random(pd2,Nt,Nr) + j*random(pd2,Nt,Nr)).*sqrt(0.5) ;% Rx-Tx



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