How to add Stateflow event listeners?

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Hello all,
For Simulink blocks we add add_exec_event_listener to obtain the run time object of block
In similar way do matlab have provision to add the listener for states and transitions?
Can someone help me out?
V. Ajay Krishna

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Ntiana Sakioti
Ntiana Sakioti 2021년 7월 1일
Hi Ajay,
If you are interested in identifying when a state has been entered and exited you can use implicit events enter("stateName") and exit("stateName") as listed in this documentation page. You can also identify when a transition is being taken by using "send(TransitionTaken)" as a transition action, where "TransitionTaken" is an event.
Hope this helps.
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Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar 2021년 7월 12일
Thanks Ntiana :). This will be helpful for sure

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