Calling different anonymous functions from a for loop

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Braden Kerr
Braden Kerr 2020년 11월 25일
댓글: Braden Kerr 2020년 11월 25일
I have four functions that I need to call various values for and I was wondering if I can make this process faster by creating a four loop to iterate through the various functions. For example, I have four functions q(nu) listed below
q_1 = 1; % Lax-Friedrichs
q_2 = @(x) abs(x); % FIrst-order Upwind
q_3 = @(x) x^2; % Lax-Wendroff
q_4 = @(x) (1/3)+(2/3)*x^2; % Minimun Dispersion
And I have four values of nu,
nu = [1.0; 0.75; 0.50; .25];
is it possible to take these equations and put them in an array to call each function when I need it?
For example, I know this isnt how the code would be written, but I am just trying to show what I mean most clearly.
q_array = [q_1; q_2; q_3; q_4];
for i = 1:4
for j = 1:4
In this, the idea would be to call each nu value for the first q, then call each nu value for the second q and so on.
I just dont know if Matlab syntax supports this since it q_array would turn each anonymous function into an argument and no longer a function, and I know having each array element of q_array as an anonymous function deosnt work because I tried this and it doesnt work.
q_array = [1; @(x) abs(x); @(x) x^2; @(x) (1/3)+(2/3)*x^2];

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 11월 25일
q_array = {@(x)ones(size(x)); @(x) abs(x); @(x) x.^2; @(x) (1/3)+(2/3)*x.^2} ;
Now you can
However I also vectorized the functions so instead of an inner loop,
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Braden Kerr
Braden Kerr 2020년 11월 25일
Got it, thanks

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