Changing order of legend entries

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Christian Schwermer
Christian Schwermer 2020년 11월 20일
댓글: LIU 2022년 3월 22일
Hi guys,
does anybody know, how to change the order of entries in the legend? Changing the order of the plots is not possible, because the black dashed lines have to be on top.


Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020년 11월 20일
편집: Ameer Hamza 2020년 11월 20일
You can change the order, but for that you need the handle for each line. For example, plot two lines
p1 = plot(rand(1,10));
p2 = plot(rand(1,10));
Now you can use these handles to set the order of legends
legend([p2 p1], {'P2', 'P1'})
%^ this order decide how it will appear in legend
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LIU 2022년 3월 22일
Hello, I have got similar problem. I tried what you suggest in this post, but it failed. Could you please have a look at my problem (the link is as follows ) and give some idea? Thank you very much.

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