I have a problem getting access to a MatLab example

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Katéri Tremblay
Katéri Tremblay 2020년 11월 12일
답변: Steven Lord 2020년 11월 12일
I am on MatLab help center and I am trying to get the access for a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery example. I click on the given link and it tells me to copy a command and to paste it in my MatLab command window. Unfortunately, when I do it, it doesn't work. Is there someone who knows something about this kind of problem? Is it possible that the example requires a specific Toolbox and that I don't have it?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2020년 11월 12일
Was it this example?
That is in the documentation for Powertrain Blockset so you likely will need to have that product installed. Steps 2 and 3 of the workflow indicate they require additional products in the last column of the first table on the page.
I'm not certain in which release this example was added to the documentation. Which release are you using?
If the example you're referencing is not the one to which I linked, please add a comment with a link to the example you're trying to access.

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