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Separate a time signal for each frequency

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I have a signal with acceleration over time and the auto spectrum (acceleration over frequency) for the same signal. The time signal is 1 second long and the auto spectrum goes up to 3200 Hz with an intervall of 1 Hz. I want to write a code so that I get a time signal for each frequency. Is this possible and which functions should I use? The code below displays 9 different time signals. The auto spectrum is not in this code.
I have tried to do this using the spectrogram function but can't make it work. I can display the draft of my code below. Is this the right function or how can I do this better? Please help me to solve this. When using the spectrogram function, the time signal goes up to 1,26 seconds even though my measurements only goes up to 1 second... And I want to have acceleration over time for each frequency, not the Power/frequency as I get with this code.
T = readtable('Measurement-1-dot.csv');
A = table2array(T);
Fs = 6400; % Sampling frequency

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Star Strider
Star Strider 26 Oct 2020
The pspectrum function (introduced in R2017b) with the 'spectrogram' type may be what you want. It produces a spectrogram plot and spectrogram output (if you ask it to), however with completely different units and resolution than the spectrogram function that you are currently using.

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