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Need help making my riddles work

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Breanna Sokolik
Breanna Sokolik 2020년 10월 24일
답변: Rik 2020년 10월 24일
%Asking the user 3 riddles.
riddle1prompt='The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it. The person who used it never saw it. What is it? ';
if (riddle1==Coffin)
%Only asks next riddle if the user got the first one right.
riddle2prompt='Nice job, sadly Jack and Ethan did not fair so well. Oh well. Your next riddle is; I dont have eyes, but once I did see. Once I had thoughts, but now Im white and empty. What am I? ';
%The game is over and the user has to start over.
fprintf('Oh no, what did I say about not messing up. ITS GAME OVER FOR YOU,%s.',name)
I feel like i am very close to the riddle working, the elseifs do not work and the riddle 1 input is being lost. What am i doing wrong here?
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Rik 2020년 10월 24일
This time I edited your question for you. Next time, please use the tools explained on this page to make your question more readable.

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Rik 2020년 10월 24일
You should use the debugger to go through your code line by line and see what is happening with your variables.
You are overwriting the answer from the user with the solution. Then you use == instead of strcmp, and you never defined the variable Coffin. Also, the only way your code reaches your elseif is if the two arrays don't match. So the only way that condition will be false is if there is a cosmic ray that changes a bit in your memory in the microseconds between the evaluation of the two conditions. (so you can replace that elseif with else)




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