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Unable to set OptimOptions for Solvers in Curvefitting

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hisenbug 28 Sep 2020
댓글: hisenbug 29 Sep 2020
I have a multivariable non-linear regression code which was working fine in Matlab 2014b. Now setting the options for lsqcurvefit (or any fit) throws an error in Matlab 2020a. I am following the documentation. Does any toolbox need to be activated for this code snippet?
options = optimoptions('lsqcurvefit');
% Throws this error:
% Error using optimoptions (line 124)
% Empty keys are not allowed in this container.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 29 Sep 2020
Glad that it worked out finally. Did you reinstall the optimization toolboxes?
hisenbug 29 Sep 2020
I installed R2020b with all Optimization Toolboxes. That worked.

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