Multiple functions working together?

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Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan 2020년 9월 24일
댓글: Michael Vaughan 2020년 9월 24일
here is my code in a script coding window:
function [n] = n(x)
syms q
function d=d(x)
I then save this and go to the command window and type in d(3), which I would like the output to be equal to n(4), but instead I get this:
Index exceeds the number of array elements (1).
Error in sym/subsref (line 870)
R_tilde = builtin('subsref',L_tilde,Idx);
What the heck is going on!!? I'm new to this, help appreciated!

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2020년 9월 24일
MATLAB is interpreting:
as indexing into the third element of ‘d’.
which d -all
from a script or your Command Window to see if MATLAB can locate the ‘d’ function in the search path (preferably on your user path).

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David Hill
David Hill 2020년 9월 24일
syms q
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Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan 2020년 9월 24일
what does the (x) do after the @ symbol???? Is it necessary? I seem to be giving functions handles without including that and it works fine

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