Compatibility Mosfet driver and current sensor / EXTERNAL MODE LAUNCHPAD F28379D / LOGG DATA (SERIAL COM PORT )

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I have a few questions around the Launchpad F28379D board:
1) Are the folowing TI product compatible with the Launchpad F28379D :
- current sensor : (INA250) link : (49$)
Is there any exemples or user documentation of the Launchpad F28379D and theses sensor/driver ??
2) I have a problem concerning the external operating mode of the Launchpad F28379D which fail (does not start) , [ I have already set the oscillator from 20MHz to 10Mhz and the GPIO42 and GPIO43 for the transmission TX and reception RX pins.] , I want to use the external mode in simulink to run my program and at the same time send and save the data to a file (Host PC) ?
3) I tried to read a 20kHz frequency signal from the analog input AIN_A0 of the Launchpad F28379D card and send it by the Simulink block (SCI_A), the signal is send but after a few seconds, the sending data stops, a beep is triggered to signal that the DSP card is disconnected and the serial communication with with the HOST PC is stopped. How can I guarantee the continuity of communication through the serial COM port without any interruption ??
4) How can I use the USB-RS485 cable to communicate between the Launchpad F28379D card and the HOST PC (Simulink) ?
Thank you for help



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