How to assign array values to at once using deal?

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi 2020년 9월 13일
편집: Matt J 2020년 9월 13일
I know that it is possible to assign the values of an array to using deal(). Is it possible to do such thing for I am specifically working with SimulationInput objects, where the variables property of this object is itself an object and has a property named value, and I want to do something like the following:
SimIn = repmat (Simulink.SimulationInput, [NumRows, NumCols]);
[SimIn] = SimIn.setVariable ('VariableName', 0);
SimIn.Variables.Value = Data(:);
[SimIn(:).Variables.Value] = deal (Data(:));

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Matt J
Matt J 2020년 9월 13일
편집: Matt J 2020년 9월 13일
No, you would have to do it in 2 steps,
[Variables.Value] = deal (Data(:));
[SimIn(:).Variables] = deal (Variables);
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Matt J
Matt J 2020년 9월 13일
If you find you need to do this frequently, however, it probably means your choice of data organization is sub-optimal for your problem. You should probably have array-valued properties, rather than an array of objects.

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