How to fill the gaps in a patch plot through adaptive interpolation

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AAS 2020년 9월 3일
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I have a 2 dimensional patch plot that looks like this where the colors represent magnitude of flow rate so basically I have x position, y position and magnitude of flow rate for each of the patches you see.
Is there any way I can fill in the entire area (within the red lines in the below image )through some sort of adaptive interpolation of particular connectivity so it does not fill up the entire image?
Thanks in advance!!!
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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee 2020년 9월 3일
You could add in "corners" where your red curves intersect the y-axes as new (x,y) coordinates, then do a convexhull on them. That should create a "tight" blanket around your points.
If you can then identify those points along the top edge vs bottom edge (in this case maybe above and below mean y-value?) you can shift or stretch the appropriate y-coordinates up and down appropriately.
Could it work?
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AAS 2020년 9월 4일
No I am sorry that’s not what I am looking for but thanks for the suggestion.

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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee 2020년 9월 4일
If you reduce your current patches into single (x,y) coordinates, e.g., center of mass, then you can triangulate/find the voronoi diagram of them
And hopefully be able to use that as a basis to create the patches you are looking for

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