Neural Network GPU training with output weights fails with "No method 'subsref' "

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When training a NN I would like to use output weights (between 0 and 1), but I get the following error :
No method 'subsref' with matching signature found for class 'gpuArray'
My function does the following :
% get the gpuDevice
% load data
% change 'tansig' transferFcn to 'elliotsig'
for i=1:net.numLayers
if strcmp(net.layers{i}.transferFcn,'tansig')
net.layers{i}.transferFcn = 'elliotsig';
% I had to alter processFcns to avoid the following errors :
% Input processing function REMOVECONSTANTROWS is not supported with GPU.
net.input.processFcns = {'mapminmax'};
net.output.processFcns = {'mapminmax'};
% convert data to GPU data with the nndata2gpu function
% Then train
net2 = train(net2, x, t, [], [], wtsOutG);
The error returned is :
No method 'subsref' with matching signature found for class 'gpuArray'
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Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil 2020년 9월 21일
Can you provide a sample code snippet that creates the error? I am unable to reproduce to error with the given code, hence it might be possible that the issue lies in rest of the code.

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