Reading and renaming a variable from .mat file in appdesigner

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Anum Ahmed Pirkani
Anum Ahmed Pirkani 2020년 8월 17일
답변: Anum Ahmed Pirkani 2020년 8월 17일
I am facing a problem in appdesigner while loading a variable from the previously saved mat file.
I can load the .mat file in the appdesigner using load(file.mat).
This file.mat containes several variables and I need to access and rename one of the variables (this variable be used for further processing).
User enters the name of variable which needs to be renamed to another variable.
I have tried various approaches but whatever I do, a structure is formed from the variable name user enters with the variable of original file.mat in it.
load(app.FileName.Value) %File.mat which will also be entered by the user
DataProcessing = app.VariableName.Value; % The variable I need to access in File.mat
Any help in this regards would be highly appreciated.

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Stephen 2020년 8월 17일
편집: Stephen 2020년 8월 17일
It will be much simpler if you load into an output variable (which itself is a scalar structure):
S = load(app.FileName.Value);
Data = S.(app.VariableName.Value);

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