How can I keep overlapping regions that I see in Imfuse and remove everything else in the image?

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AAS 2020년 7월 6일
편집: AAS 2020년 7월 13일
I used region props and have converted frames in a video binary images. How do I keep only the overlapping regions and remove everythign else? I would like to store the residual as frames to a video
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AAS 2020년 7월 6일
The right most panel is the imfused image of the first and second panel. I would like to keep only the regions that have an overlap and discard everything else as shown in the next image i.e just keep the blue circled regions .

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2020년 7월 6일
This can be done in one line of code with imreconstruct().
J = imreconstruct(marker,mask) performs morphological reconstruction of the image marker under the image mask, and returns the reconstruction in J. The elements of marker must be less than or equal to the corresponding elements of mask. If the values in marker are greater than corresponding elements inmask, then imreconstruct clips the values to the mask level before starting the procedure.
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