how to have indication of matlab function stopped

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adi 2020년 7월 5일
편집: dipak nigam 2020년 7월 5일
is there a way to have an indication when matlab function stops?
lets say i have a function and i want to use another function in cases that the first one stopped/got stuck.
how can i do this?
thank you
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adi 2020년 7월 5일
yes i want to know when a function has terminated running due to some error condition.
actually i work with the matlab fit function and in some curves i get the error of not being able to fit, therefore in these cases i would like to fit with another function- so i would like to have this indication so the program wont terminate.
thank you

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dipak nigam
dipak nigam 2020년 7월 5일
편집: dipak nigam 2020년 7월 5일
As per my understanding, you want to run another function if your present function raises an 'error' or 'fails'. You can put the statements prone to failure in a try block and call the other function in a catch block to achieve this functionality.
Here you can find the documentation for the same-
Otherwise, you can use the condition statements if your current function does not raise an error.
In the case your function just stops the execution and doesn't raises an error, i.e 'gets stuck' you can create a timer until the expected time-limit and then raise an exception/error yourself after that timer runs out. Try-catch statements can be used with timer to handle such cases.
You may get some idea here-


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