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Merge multiple txt files in matlab

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind 29 Jun 2020
댓글: Anirudh Singh 14 Jul 2020
I have multiple txt files and I want to merge them into a single matrix in matlab. Each file has 3 rows of headers. A summary of what I am looking for is below:
  1. Read and combine/merge 3 txt files into a single data matrix in matlab. Each txt file has 13 rows (3 hearders, 10 numeric data. Please see image below). The first column (numeric data) is the same for all the files. I want to merge only the 2nd columns of ALL 3 txt files.
  2. Each txt file has 3 row headers. I want to extract and merge the 2nd row header of each txt file into a matrix called header. The 2nd row header of each file should be in its own row in header.
Please image is shown below:
Thank you
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