Original Data Index after Clustering?

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Anum Ahmed Pirkani
Anum Ahmed Pirkani 2020년 6월 23일
Dear all,
From a data set, i have performed clustering to identify the samples greater than a particular threshold. After performing clustering, how can I identify the samples of original data corresponding to these clusters?
I have found clusters correctly, but now I want to find the samples (indices) of original data corresponding o these clusters.
for i = 1:10 %number of datasets
Sig_Detect = SignaltoDetect(:,i);
% Finding Peaks
[g,~] = find(Sig_Detect > Threshold_IntDetect);
cluster1 = clusterDBSCAN('MinNumPoints',50,'Epsilon',40,'EnableDisambiguation',false);
idx = cluster1(g);
No_Int_PerChirp = length(idx);
fh = plot(cluster1,g,idx);
Kind Regards



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