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Looping the extraction of a vector from a 3d array

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Sorry I am new to Matlab and I might be not clear in the description of the issue.
I have an array of single 'A' which has size(l,m,n) = 424x412x29224
I want to loop the extraction of all the 29224 values for each index (l,m) in order to obtain a final matrix 'B' which has size = 174688x29224
With the squeeze function I am able to do that for a given index (l,m), e.g.
But I have issues in creating a loop for each index (l,m)
Thank you for the help

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the cyclist
the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
B = reshape(A,[174688,29224]);

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Giorgio Sperandio
Giorgio Sperandio 19 Jun 2020
It worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

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