draw bounding box around a character

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Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin . 2020년 5월 24일
댓글: Elysi Cochin . 2020년 5월 25일
The code i used is
Ch = bw(boundrow(1):boundrow(end),boundcol(1):boundcol(end));
i'll get the character into the variable Ch
how can i draw a bounding box in the image

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2020년 5월 24일
Presumably you used regionprops()
props = regionprops(binaryImage, 'BoundingBox');
% Plot all the bounding boxes.
hold on;
for k = 1 : length(props)
rectangle('Position', props(k).BoundingBox, 'EdgeColor', 'y');
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Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin 2020년 5월 25일
Thank you Sir. The last comment worked. Its working in both methods

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