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How can I plot a 2D array using polar coordinates?

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Jiong Yang
Jiong Yang 2020년 5월 4일
댓글: Jiong Yang 2020년 5월 6일
I have a 2D array, with each row representing polar angle 'theta' and each column representing 'value' at paticular radius.
When I use 'imagesc', I got this (x-axis is the radius axis, y-axis is the theta axis)
How can I plot this array in polar coordinates?
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Jiong Yang
Jiong Yang 2020년 5월 5일
Attached is the data. It has 157 rows and 112 columns.
I got this array by calculation. Each row equals 0.01 theta, and the total polar angle is pi/2. Each column equals 0.01 in radius.
Thank you very much.

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darova 2020년 5월 5일
Convert your data to cartesian system of coordinates
A = xlsread('data.xlsx');
t = linspace(0,pi/2,size(A,1)); % create angle
r = (1:size(A,2))*0.01; % create radius
[T,R] = ndgrid(t,r); % 2d matrices
[X,Y] = pol2cart(T,R); % polar to cartesian
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Jiong Yang
Jiong Yang 2020년 5월 6일
Thank you, Darova. I tried something else and got it done. Thank you anyway!

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