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Warning: File 'codedescriptor.dmr' not found

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Nimra Zeeshan
Nimra Zeeshan 27 Apr 2020
Im continouly having same error when runing the model in simulink using raspberry pi external on sfucntion.
Warning: File 'codedescriptor.dmr' not found. [4 similar]
### Build procedure for model: 'Quadrature_Encoder_RPi_SFunction' aborted due to an error.
Error executing command "rm -fr /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2019a/E/mymatlabfolder/Simulink(27-04-20)/Quadrature_Encoder_RPi_SFunction_ert_rtw; mkdir -p /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2019a/E/mymatlabfolder/Simulink(27-04-20)/Quadrature_Encoder_RPi_SFunction_ert_rtw". Details:
STDERR: bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: -c: line 0: `rm -fr /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2019a/E/mymatlabfolder/Simulink(27-04-20)/Quadrature_Encoder_RPi_SFunction_ert_rtw; mkdir -p /home/pi/MATLAB_ws/R2019a/E/mymatlabfolder/Simulink(27-04-20)/Quadrature_Encoder_RPi_SFunction_ert_rtw'
can anybody help me sorting it out??

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