Plot multiple lines in 3d using x,y,z start point and x,y,z end point

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Good day wondering if someone can point me to a couple exampls how I can take a data set with an x,y,z value for the start of a line and x,y,z value for the end of line and plot multiple lines with various start and end points similar to the below oinly straight lines. Thanks


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The function to plot them is plot3.
Try this:
startPts = rand(5,3)*10; % Columns: [x(:) y(:) z(:)]
endPts = rand(5,3)*10+50; % Columns: [x(:) y(:) z(:)]
plot3([startPts(:,1) endPts(:,1)]', [startPts(:,2) endPts(:,2)]', [startPts(:,3) endPts(:,3)]')
That is simply a demonstration.
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