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How to share MATLAB Online generated CSV file with anyone?

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Ivan Gonzalez Bustos
Ivan Gonzalez Bustos 21 Apr 2020
I have created a CSV file in MATLAB Online. The file is updated everytime I run the code. I want to get a public static link to this specific file so that anyone (with or without access to MATLAB) can view it. Is this possible? If not, what other alternatives do I have?
I don't want to have to download the file everytime I generate it and then upload it to some external service. It would be convenient if I could run my code with one command from my phone and have the results published automatically.
I would use the sendmail function but it's not available. I would send an email to my gmail account and then use a Google Script to publish the attached file as a Google Sheet CSV file.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 21 Apr 2020
From MATLAB Online, you can share a file with others using MATLAB Drive.
First, create a folder and right click the folder, then go to "Share" -> "Create Link".
You can create a read-only URL link.
For accessing the file via that URL, MathWorks Account is necessary, but it does not care users can access to MATLAB or not.
For detail, please see the following document. Invitation Limits section is important because it explains the number of users who can access that shared folder.

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Ivan Gonzalez Bustos
Ivan Gonzalez Bustos 22 Apr 2020
Any way I can create a link to a single file? A public link that can be opened without any type of account whatsoever? Just a link to the file. Thinking of something like a github raw link.

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