How to calculate peak voltages of a waveform.?

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Joana 2020년 4월 19일
편집: Ameer Hamza 2020년 4월 19일
I have an EEG potential waveform, which has multiple peaks (Positive and negative). I'm using the findpeaks function to find the peak's .But it doesn't calculate the peak's voltage / y-axis value. It calculates the x-axis value.
Any idea how i can do that.?
This is how i am calculating the peaks:
[~,locs_P1P3] = findpeaks(EEGEpochMean,'MinPeakHeight',0.5, 'MinPeakDistance',100);
[~,locs_N] = findpeaks(EEGEpochMeanInv,'MinPeakHeight',0.5, 'MinPeakDistance',100);

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020년 4월 19일
편집: Ameer Hamza 2020년 4월 19일
First output argument gives the peak value, you have masked it with '~'
[peak_values,locs_P1P3] = findpeaks(EEGEpochMean,'MinPeakHeight',0.5, 'MinPeakDistance',100);

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