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How do I stop the editor from automatically creating a file that doesn't exist?

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Otis 16 Apr 2020
댓글: Otis 17 Apr 2020
After typing
edit someFile.m
I inadvertently clicked "OK" in the dialog that said that the "file doesn't exist do you want to create it now?" I got that message because the file wasn't in the current path. "Stop asking this" must have been clicked on because now, everytime I try to edit a file that is not on the current path, I get a new file in the current directory with the entered file name. How do I turn this off? I haven't been able to find where this is set.
Thanks times a million,

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Jared MacDonald
Jared MacDonald 17 Apr 2020
Hi Bill,
Go to Preferences > General > Confirmation Dialogs, and ensure that "Prompt when editing files that do not exist" is selected.
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Otis 17 Apr 2020
Oh my ... That was too easy ... I can't believe I missed that (well maybe I can :) ) Thanks so much Jared.

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