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Application Compiler: Cannot add class folder to "Files required for your application to run" field - Update to R2020a

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I have recently upgraded to version 2020a and it has broken a previously developed application. I have a custom class that is used in a program I have developed that needs compiled. In the past when I have compiled this program I have included the class file and the class folder with all of the various sub-components.
When I recently upgraded to 2020a, the Application compiler now removes this class folder before it will allow me to package this application. It provides the following error:
"The following MATLAB files were not added because they could not be read"
Some notes and additional information:
1) There are definitely files in this folder that are readable. The applicaiton still works within MATLAB.
2) I have tried a non-class folder (i.e. a random folder without a "@" in it) and this has the same result.
3) The deployed program does not work.
I appreciate the feedback.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 15 Apr 2020
편집: Kojiro Saito 15 Jun 2020
You can find the detail of this issue in bug reports.
It was fixed in R2020a Update 3!
I've reported this issue to MathWorks development teams. Application Compile app R2020a seems not to be able to input a folder in "Files required for your application to run" field.
As far as I know, there are three workaround.
1) Open .prj file which was created in R2019b or earlier
Application Compiler creates .prj file and in this file, all information which is necessary for mcc command is saved. Open this .prj file in R2020a, Application Compiler app will be launched. Addtional folders are contained in "Files required for your application to run" field as well as R2019b.
2) Specify .m files instead of a folder
"Files required for your application to run" field, add all files instead of adding a folder.
3) Use mcc command
Instead of Application Compiler app, you can use mcc command. After creating a standalone app by Application Compiler app, you can find mcc command in "PackagingLog.html" file. "-a inputFolder" option will work in R2020a, so you can compile by mcc command.
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Craig Bradshaw
Craig Bradshaw 15 Apr 2020
Thank you for the reply and I'm glad you have reported this to the application compiler team. This is helpful.
The first workaround doesn't quite work, as the aplication compiler seems to detect the folders even if I don't add them. This is how the problem manifested to start with, for me. I opened an existing .prj and it threw the error about the folder.
The second and third seem promising but I haven't tried them.
My current workaround is just to continue to use 2019b for the time being.
Thank you again.

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