How to use Cellfun with both cell type and vector type inputs?

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Hi Every one :)
I have a function called FAL which requires 4 vectors as its input
>> function A = FAL (X , Y , Z , W)
Now I need to apply this function on different X and Y vectors that are stored in two Cells:
>> Cell_X = { X1 , X2 , X3 , X4 , ... }
>> Cell_Y = { Y1 , Y2 , Y3 , Y4 , ... }
However, Z and W are always constant vectors.
In fact, I need to apply the function each time on one pair of X and Y , while Z and W are not changing.
I am writing my code like this:
>> S = cellfun (@FAL , Cell_X , Cell_Y , Z , W)
So at the end S should be :
S = [ FAL (X1 , Y1, Z , W) , FAL (X2 , Y2, Z , W) , FAL (X3 , Y3, Z , W) , FAL (X4 , Y4, Z , W) , ... ]
But the cellfun is not working, I guess because the type and size of inputs are not identical. What should I do ?
** I can make cells of reapeting vectors with Z and W, but it is not efficient . right ?
*** I am using MATLAB 2015b
Thanks all of you in advance :)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 4월 10일
FAL is not returning a scalar. You have not shown us the code for it, so we do not know what it computes.

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