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How to access to the information of a file

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Camilo Guevara
Camilo Guevara 7 Apr 2020
I have extracted the data from my recoding program:
1-My file have electric currents from patch clamp experiments,( numbers with time and picoamperes).
2- I used Hex Editor Neo to clear the header and be able to open it with matlab.
3- I used fileID=fopen() to open the file in matlab (I did it with success).
4- Now I have I file like this: (I will only paste a part of it) ÝvUm¹v\mÙvTmÛvOmïvPmÑvQmÏv\mãvSmÃvVmív it is encoded in 'windows-1252'
What I want to do is to trasform that encoded values and be able to see and work with the numbers (time and picoamperes). If it is not clear I will write the strugle
1) Let's say my data is 300 pA 100 ms, 400 pA 200 ms and so on. (The recording program doesn't show me the raw data).
2) It is encoded as: ÝvUm¹v\mÙvTmÛvO
3) I want to come back to 300 pA 100 ms, 400 pA 200 ms and so on.

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 7 Apr 2020
Please click the paperclip button and upload the original data file (the one with the header).

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