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Compile for multiple versions of the MCR?

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Matt 2020년 3월 30일
I don't know if this is possible. I want to compile from Matlab and target multiple MCR versions. Similar to the way that Android can be compiled against a minimum SDK. I can create an Android project and specify a rather large range of supprted SDK versions to maximize compatability with the given functionality that I require. Is there a way to have say Matlab 2018b (MCR 9.5) compile for 2015a (MCR 8.5) through 2018b? Obviously going beyond 2018b makes no sense in this example.
Or is there a way to use the client install of Matlab to target a lesser MCR? Say client 2019b and compile for 2016a?
The reason for this is support of pre-existing compiled code. I don't want to maintain 5 to 10 client installations of Matlab and keep track of which exe uses which version, nor do I want to force end users to install a new MCR with each update. I know, eat my cake and have it too. I read through the documentation for mcc but I didn't see anything that looked helpful. I found options for setting dotnet and python but not the MCR itself. Crazy hacky ideas welcome too.



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