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Query regarding the colon operator

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a(:,:,3,10,6,1) =
45 119 15.242 21.568 115.843 139.661 16.265
255.978 923.596 78.549 102.645 679.539 833.699 81.573
This is the output of the program. Can something tell me what is a(:,:,3,10,6,1)
What does 3,10,6,1,indicate? I am new to matlab . Kindly help

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 28 Mar 2020
The a variable is a 6-dimensional array. The part you're showing spans all the rows (the first colon) and all the columns (the second colon) in the 3rd page (third dimension), 10th "book" (fourth dimension), 6th "bookshelf" (fifth dimension), and 1st "library" (sixth dimension) of the array. The terms row, columns, and pages for the first three dimensions are standard; "book", "bookshelf", and "library" are things I made up.
See this documentation page for more information about multidimensional arrays.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 28 Mar 2020
Another common term for the third dimension is "panes" (sometimes "planes") especially when you are referring to color information or multisensor information.

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