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ButtonDownFcn disabled after using matlab rotate 3D tool

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Aad Lagerberg
Aad Lagerberg 24 Mar 2020
댓글: Aad Lagerberg 25 Mar 2020
I made a gui with 2 axes objects. the right one has a buttondown callback. The orientation of the left 3d plot can be changed by using the build in matlab rotate 3D tool (in the Tools top menu).
After using that tool the buttondown function on the right axes doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions?

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darova 24 Mar 2020
Did you try to use pan?
Aad Lagerberg
Aad Lagerberg 25 Mar 2020
I used Rotate 3D but using pan (or any other tool) has the same effect.

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Rik 25 Mar 2020
As you can read in the doc, using the rotate3d function without any input will enable the rotation for all axes in a figure. What you need is a button that calls that function with one axes as the input.

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