How to converet the format of figure (e.g. ***.fig) of two intersected spheres generated using matlab to obj format (e.g. ****.obj)?

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Using this code, i created two intersected spheres. Now how to convert the figure generated using below coding to ***.obj format.? Thanks for all cooperation and guidance in advance.
[X, Y, Z]=sphere;
a = [1 1 1 1.2; 2.293,1,1,1.8];
%Draw sphere #1
s1=surf(X*a(1,4)+a(1,1), Y*a(1,4)+a(1,2), Z*a(1,4)+a(1,3),'FaceColor', [1 1 1],'edgecolor','none','FaceAlpha',0.6);
axis equal
hold on
% Draw sphere # 2
s2=surf(X*a(2,4)+a(2,1), Y*a(2,4)+a(2,2), Z*a(2,4)+a(2,3),'FaceColor', [0 1 0],'edgecolor','none','FaceAlpha',0.5);
daspect([1 1 1])
x1range1 = -0.2;
x1range2 = 4.093;
y1range1 = -0.8;
y1range2 = 2.8;
z1range1 = -0.8;
z1range2 = 2.8;
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M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan 2020년 2월 28일
Thanks for reply Steven for your reply.
Steven Lord, from the above code, i am receiving intersected spheres. sure its will be fig. is it possible to convert the same figure from **.fig to ***.obj format.

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