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Hold on between different callbacks app designer

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Hello, everybody.
I have an application with four buttons and some UIAxes, one button is programmed so I can open data from .txt files and load a matrix with data.
The second button, draws those data in the axes that I have in the application
The doubt arises with the third and fourth button, I want that in first place, when pressing the third button it looks for the minimum of the points that I had loaded previously and that I draw it in the previous axes, but without it erases me so much the properties as the graphs that I had made. In addition, the fourth button I want it to look for the one after the minimum, that is to say, that it looks for the second lowest one the first time that I press it, the third lowest one etc and that it paints these new points on the graph that I had made with the second button.
Does anyone know how to draw (make a kind of hold on) having as base what had been done with the second button?
Thank you very much for everything.

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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández 2020년 2월 11일
I found the solution and attached sample resolution.

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