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Parallel close curve with no equation

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Hello, good morning, everyone.
Would anyone know, known the points of the red curve get the rest of the graphs (the points with which the rest of the graphs can be constructed) known the distance I want them to be?
In this graph that I pass, with font Wikipedia, the red curve corresponds to an easily calculable equation but in my case not. The only thing that is true is that it is a quite complex closed surface and of which I know only the points
I leave you the dot matrixes and the centroid which I also know in case it's of interest.
load centroids.mat
load points.mat
plot(points(:,1), points(:,2), 'k', 'LineWidth', 2)
hold on
plot(centroids(1), centroids(2), 'r+', 'MarkerSize', 10, 'LineWidth', 2);

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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández 2020년 2월 8일
I have found a “solution” you can approximate it into a polygon with polyshape and then offset it.

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