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convert xlsread to readcell

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i have a code that uses xlsread, in a bit of an awkward way:
addpath('C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox (********)\******** Team Folder\Matlab\RFID chip reader\RfidChipData');
% location of stored master tags
[~,~,TrueValMat] = xlsread('RfidChipTrueValues.xlsx', 'Experiment 1'); % reads our excel file into the proper format
I have heard xlsread is not the preferred method, and may cause issues down the line. how can I convert this to readcell?

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Behzad Navidi
Behzad Navidi 27 Jan 2020
편집: Behzad Navidi 27 Jan 2020
You can use readtable which in my opinion it's the best way to read excel files.
excel_file = readtable('RfidChipTrueValues.xlsx');
Experiment_1 = excel_file.Experiment 1

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