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colormap as a function of value

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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández 2020년 1월 22일
댓글: Alejandro Fernández 2020년 1월 22일
Hello, I have a graph that I have made with countourf and I would like to make all the values that are higher than 10 all red, the values between 7 and 10 a gradient from yellow (7) to red (10), the values between 5 and 7 a gradient that goes from green (5) to yellow (7) and then those that go from 0 to 5 a gradient from blue (0) to green (5).
The values I put in brackets refer to the value of each color.

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darova 2020년 1월 22일
Did you try to color lines separately?
cmap1 = jet(10);
hold on
for i = 7:10
contourf(x,y,z,[i i],'color',cmap1(i,:)) % gradient color for [7 10]
% maybe colormap adjustment will be needed
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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández 2020년 1월 22일
Is a very nice option and I hadn't realized on it.
Thank you so much

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