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How to extract confusion-matrix from confusion-chart?

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Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf 2020년 1월 22일
댓글: Hassan Ashraf 2020년 1월 29일
I am using Neural Networks Toolbox. It allows me to plot confusion Chart by using "plotconfusion" command. But it does not allows me to see confusion matrix in the workspace. I tried to use "confusionchart" command but it pops up an error.
Error: Error using confusionchart (line 64)
Expected m to be a square matrix.
I have also attached both matrices of Targets and Outputs.
"t.mat" is a Target Matrix and "y.mat" is an output Matrix.


Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2020년 1월 23일
You need to use the function confusionmat
actual = t;
predicted = y;
mat = confusionmat(actual,predicted);
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Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf 2020년 1월 29일
The data type is double

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