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can not run the file

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syll magatte lo
syll magatte lo 13 Jan 2020
답변: Steven Lord 13 Jan 2020
I just baught the student matlab licence I downloaded it but it write error 5 when I run it , what should I do?

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 13 Jan 2020
what is the error?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 13 Jan 2020
When you say "it write[sic] error 5 when I run it", do you mean you receive License Manager Error -5 when you try to start MATLAB? If so, try the solutions given in this Answers post.
If that's not what you're seeing, please post a picture of the error message or post the full and exact text of the error message (don't paraphrase, don't trim it to the "interesting bits", post the whole thing exactly as it's shown on screen) so we can better understand the exact error you're receiving and exactly when during the startup process or during your use of the product the error occurs.

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