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Extraction the magnitude responce point

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Johan Johan
Johan Johan 11 Jan 2020
댓글: Star Strider 11 Jan 2020
I have this code matlab
>> w = -pi:pi/500:pi;
>> H = freqz(ones(1,10)/10,1,w);
>> subplot(211)
>> plot(w,abs(H))
>> grid; axis([-pi pi 0 1])
>> ylabel('Magnitude Response')
the design,
If xf=-1 : frequency point , xm : magnitude responce point.
How can i extract the magnitude responce point starting from the frequency point ?

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Meg Noah
Meg Noah 11 Jan 2020
I don't have that version or toolbox to get freqz. I think what you want is to interpolate the abs(H) values for the position of xf=01. It would be something like
xm = interp1(w,abs(H),xf,'pchip');
Sorry, I can't help more. Gotta save my allowance to purchase the newer matlab :-(.
Star Strider
Star Strider 11 Jan 2020
w = -pi:pi/500:pi;
H = freqz(ones(1,10)/10,1,w);
xm = interp1(w,abs(H),-1);
grid; axis([-pi pi 0 1])
hold on
plot(subplot(2,1,1), [min(w) -1],[1 1]*xm, '-r', [1 1 ]*(-1), [0 xm],'-r')
hold off
text(-1,0,'x_f', 'HorizontalAlignment','center', 'VerticalAlignment','top')
text(min(w),xm,'x_m', 'HorizontalAlignment','right', 'VerticalAlignment','middle')
ylabel('Magnitude Response')
1Extraction the magnitude responce point - 2020 01 11.png
The ‘xm’ value is about 0.2.
This is your idea, so I’m not posting it as an Answer.

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