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Error Message when using '' function in Neuroelf

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Sriparna Sen
Sriparna Sen 7 Jan 2020
Hi all! (thanks in advance for the help!)
I am trying to save a vmp file via Neuroelf yet it keeps giving me this error message:
Error using aft_SaveAs (line 132)
Error saving file D:/SAMP/Vision Variability Project/Code/Standard
Deviation/Debug/3X3X3.vmp: Writing cstring(s) requires char or cell array..
Error in xff/subsref (line 159)
[varargout{1}] = feval(tfm{6}, xo, fargs{:});
MY SCRIPT. The bolded section is the line I am trying to run without error
Results_Map.Map(13).Name = 'Blind mean pool';
Results_Map.Map(13).VMPData(:,:,:) = Blindmeanpool(:,:,:);
Results_Map.Map(14).Name = 'Blind STD pool';
Results_Map.Map(14).VMPData(:,:,:) = Blindstdpool(:,:,:);
Results_Map.Map(15).Name = 'Sighted mean pool';
Results_Map.Map(15).VMPData(:,:,:) = Sightedmeanpool(:,:,:);
Results_Map.Map(16).Name = 'Sighted STD pool';
Results_Map.Map(16).VMPData(:,:,:) = Sightedstdpool(:,:,:);
Results_Map.Map(17).Name = 'Blind minus Sighted mean pool';
Results_Map.Map(17).VMPData(:,:,:) = BlindMinusSightedmeanpool(:,:,:);
Results_Map.Map(18).Name = 'Blind minus Sighted STD pool';
Results_Map.Map(18).VMPData(:,:,:) = BlindMinusSightedstdpool(:,:,:);
I tried using a variable that was a character to save as the name but that didn't work. I also tried using someone else in my lab's Neuroelf package but that didn't work either and gave me the same error.

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