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Error while trying to use readlocs() function in EEGLAB and MATLAB

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Baris Akin
Baris Akin 3 Jan 2020
댓글: Baris Akin 3 Jan 2020
In my project, ı am working with .loc files. While I am trying to read a loc file with readlocs() function ıt s throwing that error:
readlocs(): input variable must be a string or a structure
Unrecognized function or variable 'eloc'.
Error in readlocs (line 645)
for index = 1:length(eloc)
I also tried command such as readlocs("eeg59") and readlocs("eeg59","loc") but I took same errors, too. I looked for related issues in web but I cant find any related solution for this problem. ıf you can help me, I ll be very appreciate.

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Baris Akin
Baris Akin 3 Jan 2020
Thanks for your helps. What a direction should I follow to handle this problem 🤔
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 3 Jan 2020
Notice I changed your "eeg59.loc" to 'eeg59.loc' -- the kind of quotation marks is important.
Baris Akin
Baris Akin 3 Jan 2020
WOW! this was excellent. Thanks for your help, ıt has worked :) Python habits cause a night for me :) I am greatly thanks for this help!

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