Converting a cell array into a matrix of stipulated number of columns and rows

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Vinay Killamsetty
Vinay Killamsetty 2019년 12월 12일
편집: Andrei Bobrov 2019년 12월 12일
Consider I have a cell array containing 4 cells
Each cell containd 'n' elements
Now I want to covert it into an array of size "n*4" where element of each row is take from elements of each cell
If it has tto be more clear for eg: ist row of the matrix contains 4 elements - each element is picked from 1st element of each cell.
I have used the model
for i = 1:numel(W{1})%w is the cell
wid(i,:)=double(cellfun(@(v) v(i),W));
But it is taking more time in matlab.So, is there any best and simple solution for this problem which can be simulated in less time?
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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov 2019년 12월 12일
편집: Andrei Bobrov 2019년 12월 12일
Let C - your cell array.
if cells sizes are the same:
out = reshape(cat(2,C{:}),[],4);
if not the same:
out = cell2mat(cellfun(@(x)x(:),C,'un',0));

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meghannmarie 2019년 12월 12일
wid = [W{1}(:) W{2}(:) W{3}(:) W{4}(:)];




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