iterate through elements of matrix

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Daniel Brower
Daniel Brower 2019년 12월 11일
편집: ME 2019년 12월 11일
How would I iterate through the elements of a matrix?
I have a 4x4 matrix A and a 4x4 matrix B. I would like to multiply each element in A with its corresponding element in B. For example, I would like to multiply A(1,1) by B(1,1), then multiply A(1,2) by B(1,2), and so on, until I get to A(4,4) by B(4,4).
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Chuguang Pan
Chuguang Pan 2019년 12월 11일

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ME 2019년 12월 11일
편집: ME 2019년 12월 11일
Chuguang Pan answer is correct but is in the comments section rather than the answers section. This won't be able to be accepted unless posted in the answer section.

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