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Can I have coloured points in geoshow like in a scatter plot?

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Antje 2012년 9월 28일
댓글: weichao Wang 2018년 11월 25일
Hi all,
I want to plot DEM data with lat, lon and H as points with geoshow. The color shoud represent the elevation H like you can do it using scatter:
  • scatter(lon, lat, 5, H)
Is it possible to do the same in geoshow without gridding? I can plot the coordinates as points with a certain colour, but how can I use H as colour?
  • worldmap(rangeLat,rangeLon); geoshow(green, 'FaceColor', 'k','LineWidth',1);
  • geoshow(lat,lon,'DisplayType','point','MarkerEdgeColor','r','Marker', '.');
Thanks for your help!
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weichao Wang
weichao Wang 2018년 11월 25일
same question, want to plot depth with different color!!

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